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DoubleTake, the country's premier consignment boutique to open soon in Ridgewood and bring the concept of luxury consignment to Bergen County’s fashionista’s.   For the past 18 years DoubleTake Consignment Boutique has been operating with great success in Short Hills, NJ. Their success is largely based upon their ability to deliver the unique experience of luxury consignment to their customers and consignors. The economic downturn has also caused consumers to reset their shopping behaviors and embrace the idea of value-oriented shopping. It is this shift in mindset that has supported DoubleTake’s expansion throughout New Jersey.   On any given day, you will find their Short Hills store packed with women who understand the advantages and value of consignment shopping. DoubleTake, which only accepts the highest quality current designer clothing and accessories, has been recognized as the area’s only luxury consignment boutique.   According to DoubleTake’s owner Marci Kessler, “I never expected such tremendous success. From the day we opened our doors in Short Hills we’ve had a continuous stream of beautiful designer merchandise. And because we have such a high turnover of merchandise we’ve built up a base of over 10,000 consignors, those are the people who bring us their once loved designer fashions. We also have a large contingency of New York fashion executives along with boutiques all over the country who send us their goods. All in all we just couldn’t fit all of the merchandise in one store anymore and our customers have been asking us to open more stores. So when the opportunity to expand presented itself, we just couldn’t resist.”   With three new locations selected in Bergen and Monmouth Counties, DoubleTake will soon offer NJ’s quality and fashion conscious women the ability to develop a designer wardrobe at a fraction of the original cost. In fact, some items even offer savings of up to 90%. It is not unusual to find a $2500 Chanel handbag for under $1000, a $2300 Gucci dress for $800, a $190 Theory blouse for $60, a pair of $995 Louboutin shoes for $300, and a wide selection of costume and fine jewelry well below wholesale.   DoubleTake also provides a valuable service to women with clothing that are just too valuable to give away, by offering them the ability to earn back some of their original purchase price. Its introduction of luxury consignment offers consignors with the highest quality fashions a place where their clothing is truly appreciated. Additionally, their consignment concierge service provides an in home consulting service where a personal consignment consultant visits the consignor’s home and carefully reviews the clothing and accessories and takes the preferred merchandise with them back to the store for processing.

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